masonry and landscape estimate long island

Install Belgium block perimeter around the driveway, redo apron by the street and
install new 2 line border around driveway on Belgium block. Remove existing
blacktop re design to enlarge parking area and repave new, also remove and install
new front walkway entrance and driveway apron by the garage, design as per our
discussion. install backyard walkway from gate to begining of the house.
Material to be use for walkways and garage apron is 6×9 Pompey natural stone.
Installation of the following plant material as per plan.
14 Thuja emerald green 7′-8′
5 Skip Laurel 5′-6′
7 Criptomeria 7′-8′
1 hydrangea tree 15 gal.
12 Japanese boxwood green velvet 3 gal
1 Nikko blue hydrangea 5 gal.
1 Yellow thuja
5 yews desinformis 18″-24″
1 Hydrangea paniculara 7 gal.
Sprinkler system repair on new planting areas
Total price for landscaping: 14,690.00
Plantings are guaranteed for one (1) year with proper irrigation. 0.00
The installation of your project will be guaranteed for (5) years against settling of 0.00
paving stones, shifting of borders and movement of steps and walls. Any alterations
to your landscape, damages caused by others and acts of nature causing the
deterioration of Gappsi installations is not covered as part of our guarantee.
Thank you for meeting with me to discuss your new home improvement project. Any 0.00
further questions that you might have, please contact me by e-mail at or my cell 631-767-5693

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