How is the best way to install loop-loc safety pool cover long island

Long Island Loop loc cover installation Begins with the right base preparation around the pool.
Gappsi poured 4 inches thick and 5 feet wide concrete base around the entire swimming pool. After the installation of the natural stone paver’s over the concrete base. After the patio installation is completed Fallows the installation of the loop- loc cover. A core bit drill is used to drill the holes where the pipe is then sunk in too to allow the loop loc brass anchor bolts to be installed. During the installation of the anchors the cover is also installed and stretched and as the cover lays on the patio straps are pulled to the right distance to be able to be able to be as tight as they need to be in order for the loop loc cover to stay straight and flat over the swimming pool. A loop loc cover is made as a mash cover and also as a solid cover. a mash cover is lighter and can let the water fall through the in to the swimming pool it slight enough for a homeowner to install and take it off the swimming pool by himself. A solid cover is much heavier and is not very popular. Gappsi is the surprised loop loc cover installer on long island for more information’s please visits long island loop-loc cover professional installers. Or e mail us at
Or call us at 631 543-1177 Gappsi pools your best swimming pool source on long island

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