footprints in a vermiculite bottomed pool long island.

Vermiculite is a premixed composite material that is delivered to the job site in 50 pounds bags. It is a mixture of sand cement and cork. It is in dry form and it gets mixed with water before it gets applied to the bottom of the swimming pool. It does require skills to be able to build a perfect swimming pool floor. Creating a level and crispy angles in the pool bottom is all in the knowledge of the vermiculite installer. if you notice foot prints in the bottom of your swimming pool after the liner is installed, could be various things, like: the installers could have stepped on it and forgot to fix it, or the pool floor was not prepared right before the vermiculite was installed and settle ling accord after the pool got filled up with water do to the weight and pressure of the water. And if it happens after sometimes there could be something ratting under the vermiculite, like wood or paper that were left underneath.The long island vermiculite professional installers at Gappsi are very experienced and nothing is a trial but pure knowledge and nothing goes unseen while your swimming pool bottom is prepared and installed. We fully guaranty your satisfaction. For more information call Gappsi at 631 543-1177 or visit

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