Hot Tubs in Long Island

A hot tub is technically any heated pool of water. In most instances it refers to a small tub heated using electricity of gas, and which is used to soak in, relax in, for massage or for hydrotherapy. Hot tubs are also commonly called Spas or Jacuzzi. Jacuzzi is actually a brand name which has become a generic term for hot tubs. The main difference between a spa and hot tub is that usually a spa will be indoors or inlaid within a pool, deck, or in the ground while a hot tub will more commonly be above ground. Also many times plastic tubs will be called a spa instead of a hot tub. The two terms are for the most part interchangeable though and referring to a hot tub as a spa or vice versa is not uncommon or even incorrect necessarily.
The two main kinds of hot tubs are wooden hot tubs used to soak in, and plastic tubs made and molded from one piece of plastic.
Wooden hot tubs vs. one piece hot tubs
Wooden tubs offer a specific look and style separate from plastic hot tubs or spas, usually built using redwood, cedar or teak staves and metal to bind it similar to a barrel, there are also differences in how they function however. Generally a wooden hot tub will be deeper and is meant more for soaking, though jets may be incorporated.
A one piece spa molded from plastic enjoys a greater number of design options. They can be arranged with many different seating patterns and jets are incorporated more easily with this type of hot tub. These are also called Jacuzzis or Whirlpool tubs, these are actually brand names though, and there are many other manufacturers of hot tubs of this type.
Hot tubs available
Today the options are nearly endless when it comes to hot tubs or spas. You can have them custom made to nearly any size, wooden or plastic, and they can be indoors, outdoors, in ground or above ground, they can be part of your pool or separate. The jets for hot tubs have advanced as well, designed specifically for hydrotherapy and with a number of settings available depending on your preferences. Filtration and means of ensuring the hot tub remains sanitary have improved as well. You have the option of adding entertainment systems, televisions, DVD players, audio systems and much more. Even with all of these advances spas and hot tubs can be relatively affordable, and often are more affordable today than in the past despite the many advances.
What to consider when buying a hot tub
There are many things to keep in mind but most of your options are simply a matter of preference. Plastic gives you far more freedom of design, however many enjoy the look and feel of a wooden hot tub. Consider the types of jets you want and whether it will be used for hydrotherapy. Consider maintenance issues, especially sanitization because many bacteria like the warm environment, and ease of access.
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