Long Island Natural Stone and Travertine Pavers

Natural stone is has become incredibly popular over the last several years. Some of the options include travertine, granite, limestone, and sandstone. Here are some of the benefits of natural stone in general:
1. Many enjoy the natural look and feel of stone. It comes in a variety of very earthy and natural looking colors that can match nearly any décor. The feel itself is unique. Unlike glass and synthetic materials, the tiny imperfections really make one feel part of the environment. It is a soothing, natural feel that can add an inviting feel to any home.
2. Natural stone is very easy to take care of. It will look good for decades literally if it is cleaned regularly, and this is simple with pH-balanced cleaners and regular mopping and sweeping for floor tiles.
3. It is one of the longest lasting materials available. Along with looking great and being easy to maintain, natural stone will outlive the vast majority of materials making up the build of your home.
4. Natural stone, though generally more expensive per square foot than many synthetics, can actually be less expensive over time due to how easy it is to maintain and how long it will last.
5. When incorporating natural stone your options are nearly endless, and in recent years even more colors and types of stone have been introduced to the market. With tiled stones you also have the option of different styles and can choose either a uniform look or vary the size of each tile for a more original look.
Where can I use natural stone?
Really you can use natural stone almost anywhere. It is most popular in kitchen areas for counter tops, and it can be especially useful around your pool because it is naturally very water resistant and requires little or no treatment to ensure it stays beautiful even outdoors.
About Travertine
Travertine is one of the many types of natural stone available. These stones are created over centuries in shallow bodies of water, usually geothermal springs that have a high concentration of lime. Part of the forming of Travertine does involve lime but Travertine is a different sort of natural stone than limestone. Travertine offers very soft and natural colors in marble patterns, there are a lot of colors and styles available.
The imperfections found in this type of stone actually add to the attractive nature, giving it a beautiful and intimate look and feel. It can be found in a wide range of colors as well, and the cut can be customized to nearly any need. This type of stone is found all over the world and stones from different regions may have different looks and feels.
Travertine is also impressively resilient. Some of the oldest buildings in the world in fact used travertine in construction such as the coliseum in Rome. If you want a stone that will really last this might be your first choice. It is excellent for pool areas because of how resilient it is, but will look great indoors or outdoors.
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