Why Choose a Gunite Swimming Pool for your Long Island Backyard?

A gunite pool is another name for a concrete pool, the walls, bottom and steps are made of concrete poured between steel beams for a watertight seal and one that will not corrode over time. Concrete also provides, traditionally, more options as far as design, lending itself more readily various designs, curved walls, custom stairs and other features and much more. It is named gunite because the walls are sprayed with a mixture of sand and concrete for a very specific look and feel, the mixture being called gunite of course. This type of pool has many advantages and disadvantages and there is much to consider prior to choosing the type of pool you would like installed in your backyard.
Pros of a Gunite Pool
Since the invention of the backyard pool, concrete has been the most popular choice, and it still has many advantages and is often recommended by designers, contractors and home improvement professionals.
This type of pool almost universally lasts longer and is easier to maintain. This in turn will add value to your home over the long-term while saving you costs in the meantime.
The next, and perhaps given the various advances in the different types of pools available, the more important advantage is the amount of customization possible and the ease of customization. Fiberglass pools for example are pre-manufactured and must be “dropped into” the area provided, limiting your options, especially if it turns out you cannot dig where you though… which happens. Gunite on the other hand is very flexible and the design can be changed at nearly any time during construction, and can be designed from the beginning nearly however you would like.
Finally, gunite pools are simply sturdier. They last longer, keep their shape longer; they are in fact nearly indestructible. There is a very good possibility your gunite pool will last longer than your pool as long as it is not filled in… even then the outline will remain unless you decide to dig it up for some reason… which is not recommended.
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