Different Advantages of Owning Your Long Island Own Swim Spa

Different Advantages of Owning Your Own Swim Spa
A swim spa is a relatively new idea, but one that more and more people is taking advantage of. Often called “endless pools,” these are much smaller than a traditional swimming pool but a little bit longer than your average spa. The jets in a swim spa can be set so that the current is constantly flowing in one direction. This allows you to swim against that current “endlessly” (thus the name endless pool). There are many different kinds of swim spas, and the jets can usually be set so that you may either enjoy a relaxing soak with the full benefits of a traditional spa, or you can get in a good swim without the need of a full size pool in your backyard.
Benefits of a swim spa
Obviously the main benefit is the ability to have a swim whenever you like. Studies show that swimming is one of the most beneficial forms of exercise, providing great cardio and muscle training while also easier on the joints than running. Swimming is a full body workout, unlike most exercises which focus on only one or a handful of parts of your body. This is actually better than a pool though, because it eliminates the need to “turn around” every dozen or so strokes. You can keep a comfortable pace all in one direction for as long as you want, you can usually also adjust the pace at which you must swim to keep with the current.
Along with being a great way to workout, a swim spa is perfect if you do not have a ton of room for a full size pool in your backyard. Also because it is smaller than a pool it is much easier to heat in the winter months, meaning you can swim year-round even if you live in a colder climate.
On top of that, in most swim spas the jets can be adjusted for when you just want to relax. Whether you need to loosen up after a swim or if you are inviting friends or family over to enjoy your spa, simply adjust the settings and you are ready to go.
Different types of swim spas
There are mainly three types of swim spas available; Molded shells you put inside of a deck, self-contained swim spas and component or modular swim spas.
1. Molded shells – These are usually 12 to 24 feet long and come with only the molding for the spa. Heaters, jets and filters are set within the deck however you wish—though generally you’ll need the help of a contractor to do this. The benefit is you can install them anywhere you would like in your yard and decorate the surrounding landscape however you feel.
2. Self-contained swim spas – Also called a portable swim spa, these are just like an above ground spa, but made to the specifications of a swim spa; meaning longer in length with jets that can be adjusted for swimming purposes.
3. Component swim spas – This can go inside or outside and is the most versatile type of swim spa. These can be built to nearly any specified length or depth.
4. Self-contained Fast Lane swim spa jets – While not a swim spa officially, this is one option where jets can actually be fitted to an existing pool, allowing for the “endless swim” experience without the need for an entire swim spa.
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