Find Out About the Many Amazing Stone Fountains Available on Long Island

Natural stone is one of the most popular ways to decorate any backyard or garden along with fountains, so of course stone fountains are a very popular choice. The types of stone fountains out there are just about as limitless as your imagination, and they are made using all sorts of different stones. In addition these stone fountains can serve a number of purposes, along with being a great decorative item.
Types of stone fountains
The materials used for stone fountains are as varied as the types of stones for any garden or backyard decoration including travertine, granite, limestone, sandstone and more. In addition many of these fountains are actually molded from ceramic, or are made from concrete molds. The differences between these options are many. Obviously natural stone, especially from a solid piece, is more expensive, more durable, and many argue more beautiful. This is not to say that less expensive options cannot also be very attractive. Other materials are far more common due both to price and availability. Another difference is how durable the fountain is. Most quality stone fountains are able to stand up to all kinds of increment weather and even the occasional topple and other backyard accident, however those made of real stone of course are considerably more durable, lasting for years and practically indestructible.
Next is the design of the fountain. The fountain assumes moving water, which means there is a pump in place. Sometimes this is a free standing fountain, other times it must be hooked up to some power source. The actual design can vary however, the most popular is a style resembling a bird bath, but the options are endless. You’ll find stone fountains in the shape of statues, like peeing seraph or little angels with water coming forth from their mouth. Animal shapes are also common for this type of fountain. Sometimes these will be in the shape of a woman pouring a jug of water or some other creative scene. Some stone fountains take on more the look of a waterfall, with the water flowing over a stone surface creating a soothing gurgling, bubbling sound, or a flowing stream with a similar but more calming effect.
Why should I get a stone fountain?
Of course whether to put in a stone fountain is primarily a matter of taste. Most find them to be very relaxing and the perfect addition to their backyard or garden. They often double as a convenient bird bath for those who enjoy watching fowl and they can act as a center piece to a garden area.
How much should stone fountains cost?
Many are surprised by just how inexpensive some stone fountains can be. Smaller ceramic models are often available for around a hundred dollars, or even less. Large fountains made of real stone may cost much more, and many times these will need to be professionally installed. One common feature is that all stone fountains can add beauty and value to your home.
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