Brick Oven Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens

Brick-Oven-Wood-Fired-Pizza-OvensWe are passionate about brick oven wood-fired pizza cooking. Gappsi specializes in wood-fired appliances. We build handcrafted firebrick pizza ovens, grills, smokers, and fireplaces. For each customer, we build a fire-breathing work of art.

Wood-fired pizza ovens have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. The main reason for this fame is for sure the excellent taste and flavor of Neapolitan-style pizzas, cooked in a wood-burning pizza oven.

But, besides beautiful pizzas, in a wood-fired pizza oven, you can bake and cook plenty of other foods.  And, there’s not only tasty food and the unique outdoor cooking experience that matters. A wood-fired pizza oven is an excellent place for socializing and hanging out with your friends and family.

Almost all brick ovens are single-chambered or ovens with direct combustion. It means they have one chamber, both for firing and cooking.

Assembled Wood-Fired Pizza Oven – Best of the Best

Without a doubt, purchasing an assembled pizza oven is the shortest way to get the best pizza oven. A completed oven is settled on the pre-prepared desktop or counter, ready to use.  Assembled ovens are mostly made of prefabricated refractory elements. Of course, they’re entirely insulated and with a finished exterior, practically ready for use.  Some producers of assembled brick pizza ovens also use bricks for their ovens, especially for commercial ovens.  The best-assembled pizza ovens are cured in a factory, while others need curing before regular use.

How to Cook In A Wood-Fired Pizza Oven?

Your wood-burning oven will need a bit of time to preheat before you can start cooking, though this duration is considerably shorter than what you might expect in a regular, in-home kitchen oven. When firing your oven up, use small pieces of kindling to get a blaze going before switching to medium-sized cut logs.

Brick-Oven-Wood-Fired-Pizza-Ovens2For best results, use dry hardwood in your outdoor pizza oven to get the optimum temperature without lots of smoke.

Depending on how big and well-insulated your oven is, preheating can take anywhere between 20 to 60 minutes. A brick oven will take longer to heat than a stainless steel oven.

You won’t need a pizza stone or a baking stone when cooking in an outdoor pizza oven. You will cook directly on the oven floor so you want to have the right temperature on the cooking surface. To get high temperatures on the oven floor, spread out a bed of hot embers where the pizzas will cook before pushing the fire to the back of the oven in preparation for cooking.

Get It Crispy!

For pizza with a crispy crust and perfectly cooked toppings, high heat is required. This is where wood-fired ovens shine since they can withstand temperatures far greater than those of regular conventional ovens. A Margherita pizza needs a temperature of approximately 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

While the thermometer on most home pizza ovens is sufficient for getting a rough idea about how hot things are inside, some extra peace of mind can be found by using an infrared temperature gun. An infrared thermometer will provide more reliable results of how hot the inside of a pizza oven is and how hot the floor of the oven is.

How long it takes to cook your pizza will depend upon your oven’s internal temperature, and can vary from as long as 4 minutes to as quickly as just 90 seconds!

Pizza Dessert Made at the Gappsi OvenThe Key Is The Peel

Remember the flour that went on your pizza dough? This is where it becomes important. We don’t advise throwing a raw pizza into your oven with your bare hands, so a trusty pizza peel will be a valuable investment in your outdoor baking supplies.

A Pizza Peel is a flat, wide tool that helps you move pizza pies around. Some pizza peels are better designed to transfer a pizza from the countertop to your pizza oven floor while others are better for turning the pizza while it’s cooking in the oven.

Before You Buy: 4 Things to Consider When Purchasing the Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

  • Your residential habits – If you move homes often, you’ll want to take your oven with you. In this case, an assembled brick oven or portable oven would be the best choice. On the contrary, you may hardly see yourself in a new house then a masonry or modular brick oven makes sense.  It could happen that you must move anyway. A brick oven settled in an outdoor kitchen is an extension of the living space that will add significant value to your home.
  • Location of your oven and access – Are you installing an assembled oven?  It is recommended to test the oven’s placement possibilities before the actual installation. To get started, determine the dimension of the oven as well as the weight which are the most important figures to consider.


  • How much time will be spent cooking outside with your wood-fired oven?  If you can afford a few hours to yourself to heat your masonry oven, then it makes sense to maximize its potential.  When you start with pizzas, you can go ahead with baking bread. Then you may add your food for dinner. Once that is complete, you can also take advantage of the oven’s retained heat for overnight slow cooking.  Cooking in a wood-fired Gappsi Oven can be a whole day activity. At the same time, you can use it as a “social corner.” It’s an excellent opportunity to hang out with your family and friends.
  • Dimensions of cooking surface – You will often cook only one pizza at a time because it’s much simpler and more manageable. It is important to have some extra space on the cooking floor. First, you need space for handling and rotating pizzas.  You will not want the pizza right beside the fire. In this case, you’ll have to turn the pizza all the time. Otherwise, you’ll burn it.

Brick-Oven-Wood-Fired-Pizza-Ovens1Check Out Our Latest Large Brick Gappsi Pizza Oven In Smithtown NY

This is a Gappsi Pizza oven we installed in Saint James NY. We built an island base including storage cabinets on one side, a refrigerator on the other side, and a wood storage right below the oven. The structure was built with Eldorado pre-made boxes and veneered with court stones. This gives the patio and the oven area a very rusty look. The oven was manufactured in Sorrento Italy.  In addition, it was veneered with Natural split-face rock, giving the oven a very rustic look. The oven size is 50 inches inside and is the best-made oven, with the highest material and craftsmanship. To learn more about Gappsi Ovens visit our showroom in Smithtown NY.


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