Luxury Custom Outdoor Water Fountain

Luxury-Custom-Outdoor-Water-Fountain1Designing a luxury custom outdoor water fountain is much like creating a work of art. Outdoor fountains make a graceful statement about your home by creating a pleasing and welcoming ambiance. They enhance the landscaping style of any property. Outdoor fountains are especially beneficial serving as camouflage for traffic noise and other nuances in your surroundings. This can provide relief on those hot summer days.  At Gappsi we offer a wide variety of styles that will be sure to impress anyone who enters your yard. Whether you are interested in grand scale models or water fountains for smaller areas, we can customize many of our water fountain designs to meet your needs.

Custom Outdoor Water Fountain Benefits

Stress Relief & Relaxation – Everyone has a little stress in their life. Find some stress relief and relaxation at the end of a hard day by your fountain. With its soothing sounds of flowing water your water fountain will bring stress relief and relaxation to your environment.

Indoor & Outdoor Décor – An indoor or outdoor fountain will add instant beauty to your surroundings. Whether it is a large wall fountain, a tabletop fountain, or a garden fountain, you are decorating and showing your style.

Drowning Out Sounds – A soft flowing water sound can drown out other sounds around you.  For example: traffic, voices in the next room, and the dog that always barks at the same time every night.  The sound of flowing water will help you relax and give you a new sound to enjoy drowning out other sounds around you.

Luxury-Custom-Outdoor-Water-FountainArtistic Water Fountain Features

Many of today’s homeowners gravitate towards water features that act as a focal point of a design, like an interactive piece of modern art that makes a statement. That statement can be bold or simple, often reflecting the personality of the homeowner. Designs of this type add an element of zen to an outdoor space and can range from water walls to urn fountains and bubbling rocks.

Are you looking for an easy way to beautify your outdoor living space? An outdoor fountain adds instant beauty, and you’ll enjoy the soothing sight and sound of running water in your yard. Not only that, but your fountain will attract birds and butterflies who stop by for a bit of refreshment.

4 Things To Know About Outdoor Fountains

  1. Power Source – There are two power source options: Hardwired or Solar-Powered.  A hardwired fountain draws on an electric power source to function. In most areas, only a licensed electrician can install a hardwired outdoor fountain. Solar-powered outdoor fountains are popular because they don’t require hardwiring to your home’s electrical supply.
  2. Water Source – Most fountains are connected to a home’s water supply. There are some that can be filled using a water hose without the need for a permanent connection.
  3. Fountain Finishes – The finish of the fountain makes a big difference in the way the product looks and the care it needs.
    • Concrete and stone fountains usually don’t require as much care as other materials.
    • Stone fountains look more natural and might blend better into the surroundings.
    • Bronze and copper fountains provide a nice contrast to natural outdoor settings but may require more care than other finishes.
  4. Lighting – If you plan on spending time in your garden when it’s dark outside then outdoor fountain lighting options include:

Submersible lights: These go directly into the water. If your fountain is large enough, submersible lights offer a dramatic effect. They may be colorful or white and provide a soft effect not only on the water but also on the surrounding landscape.

External lights: External lights can be installed around the perimeter of the fountain.  Lighting options include spotlights, path lights, or even hanging lights.

Solar lights: Solar lights are exceptionally easy to install and require no electrical outlet. This is perfect for areas where a power source is not readily available.

Luxury-Custom-Outdoor-Water-Fountain2Gappsi Luxury Custom Outdoor Water Fountain with Copper Statue In A Pool

We constructed a 14′ ft wide x 18″ inches deep gunite pool, with a custom-sized pedestal.  The pedestal was shaped using gunite as the shell.  It supports and raises the brass Four Seasons statue above water level.  Gappsi’s team installed a brick veneer to cover the outside pool wall and added a custom bluestone coping on top of the fountain wall. The custom water fountain finish inside is a black diamond brite quartz.

To illuminate the fountain in the evening we installed LED lights.  This included underwater illumination of the pool and shining up to the statue as well. Pentair equipment powers the water circulation for the fountain.  The unit returns water to the top of the statue and creates a free-fall spillover on all sides.  We installed a UV light sanitation system.  This keeps the water sanitized and cuts down on the maintenance needed.  The customers are extremely happy and love pulling into their home and seeing their custom Copper Water Fountain by Gappsi!  


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