Commercial Swimming Pool Acid Wash and Marble Dusting Renovation

Commercial-Swimming-Pool-Acid-Wash-and-Marble-Dusting-Renovation1Pool Acid Wash and Marble Dusting Why Do It? Swimming Pool Renovation

Pool acid wash and marble dusting are important when pool stains and algae build-up can cause your pool’s surface to look grimy and your pool water to look dirty. Not only will you not want to dive into your pool, but you also won’t want to lounge on your pool chaise and look at the filthy water and tiles.

A good rule of thumb to help determine whether a pool needs acid-washing or not is to check the shallow end of the pool. See if you can see the bottom of the pool. If you can, then it may still be possible for you to restore your pool water with the help of chemicals. But if the floor isn’t visible, then the cost and labor associated with using chemicals are much more expensive than acid washing. It can also take a lot more time.

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How Acid Washing Your Pool Works?

The acid used in this process removes a thin layer of material from the surface of the pool. Doing this too often will break down the integrity of the plaster or marcasite finish.

Pool acid washing is a process where chemicals—mainly hydrochloric acid, also known as muriatic acid—are combined with water and sprayed onto your pool’s surface to remove any grime and build-up. A professional pool cleaner will then use a brush to scrub out the staining and other grime. The chemical wash allows for easier removal of algae and staining that has been built upon your pool’s surface.

Commercial-Swimming-Pool-Acid-Wash-and-Marble-Dusting-Renovation2What Algae and Stains are Removed?

Whether you have a plaster pool, Gunite, or concrete, different types of algae and staining will occur and cause your outdoor oasis to look dirty.

♦ Algae Growth – Algae growth is the most common type of staining that pool owners look to get removed through pool acid washing. Lack of pool cleaning, improper pool pH balance, and low pool circulation are all causes of algae growth. The algae growth can cause health issues along with clogged pool filters. Pool acid washing can help remove algae growth and prevent any further damage from occurring to you or your oasis

♦ Hard Water – Hard water stains, also known as scum, are created from calcium deposits. These deposits can often be found along the edge of your pool where the tile meets the water. Hard water stains lead to cloudy water and a lower (and unsafe) water pH level. Hard water stains can also be removed through pool acid washing.


♦ Copper Stains – Similar to magnesium stains, copper stains also occur when your pool’s source water comes from well water typically high in all minerals. Copper stains create blue, green, and black staining in your pool.

♦ Magnesium Stains – Depending on the type of water you fill your pool with, magnesium may be present. Too much magnesium in your pool can cause discoloration such as pink, red, and even black.

Is Acid Washing Safe?

As mentioned above, pool acid washing requires the use of harsh chemicals. If you’re not a professional pool cleaner, it can be easy to get hurt from the harsh chemicals needed to successfully clean your pool. If you’re looking to get your pool acid washed, then hiring a professional is ideal not just for your health and safety, but also for the safety of your pool. Pool acid washing, when not done correctly, can cause:

  • Chemical burns on the skin if protective gear is not worn
  • Lung damage if the chemicals are breathed into the body
  • Discoloration on your pool’s surface
  • Damage on your pool’s surface

Since pool washing only needs to be done once every 5-7 years, it’s best to consult a professional pool cleaner.

Commercial-Swimming-Pool-Acid-Wash-and-Marble-Dusting-RenovationThe Benefits of Quartz on Your Pool Finish – Marble Dusting

Pool owners are always on the lookout for materials that are durable, low maintenance, and easy to clean. One of the best materials for pool finishes is quartz. Quartz is an aggregate of quartz crystals, resins, and pigments. It is an incredibly strong and long-lasting material that can add value and beauty to your pool. Consider the following benefits of a quartz finish for your pool.

♦ Aesthetics – Quartz’s design options are limitless. The type of quartz you select affects the appearance of the water in your pool, as the speckles catch the light and change the water’s color. This means that you can use a quartz finish to shade your pool’s water in a variety of different hues, from light blue to deep midnight blue. Whether you want to go for a classic and elegant look or an exciting and lively one, quartz can deliver. You can choose from a variety of finishes also, from pebble to smooth, each giving you a unique and beautiful surface.

♦ Comfort – When you swim or step into a pool, your comfort is essential. The quartz pool finish is smooth to the touch, making swimming more enjoyable and comfortable. Unlike plaster pools, which can be rough and abrasive, quartz feels soft and silky on your feet and skin. Moreover, quartz’s non-porous surface lessens the presence of harmful bacteria and makes the water feel softer, which is a great perk for your skin and hair.

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♦ Durability – One main benefit of quartz as a pool finish is its durability. Quartz is a highly durable and impact-resistant material that can withstand the test of time. It resists chipping, fading, and cracking. Because of quartz’s unique composition, it creates a hard and dense surface that resists stains, algae, and other common pool chemicals.

♦ Maintenance – A great benefit of a quartz pool finish is that it requires low maintenance. The surface is smooth and non-porous, making it much harder for dirt and debris to adhere to the surface. A quartz pool finish will only need occasional brushing and weekly cleaning with a mild pool cleaner. This makes it an ideal choice for those who seek an easy-to-maintain pool.

♦ Costs Less – In the long run, quartz pool finishes are more cost-efficient. Its surface is durable and gives a lasting finish, reducing the need for frequent replacements. It is also more resistant to staining and fading, making it less prone to costly cleaning and maintenance. Investing in a quartz pool finish can also increase the value of your home and property, making it a worthwhile investment.

Commercial Swimming Pool Acid Wash and Marble Dusting 

This is the Atlantic Beach Country Club, Gappsi refinished the pool with new white quartz. A very large pool, approximately 6000 sqft. The pool was acid-washed, bond-coated, and replastered with white quartz. In addition, we installed new line swim lanes on the floor with tiles. This is the latest marble dusting job completed by Gappsi in Atlantic Beach NY.


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