Gunite Swimming Pool Renovation


If you’ve been enjoying your pool for several years but want to update the look or add new features, then a gunite swimming pool renovation might be just what your pool needs. At Gappsi, we have a team dedicated specifically to commercial and residential pool needs.  The versatility of a Gunite pool makes it a top choice for homeowners who wish to truly “design” their own swimming pool. Gunite is a mixture of cement and sand sprayed onto contoured and supported surfaces used in the construction of in-ground swimming pools.

How do you know when your pool needs to be resurfaced? Below are the signs to look out for:

  • Your pool has stains and the walls are dirty.
  • The surface of your pool has developed bumps and is rough.
  • There are fissures and cracks along your pool walls.
  • Your pool water level continually drops.

Now there are temporary solutions such as water-proof paint along with acid washes for stains, but these are the equivalent of putting Band-Aids on the problem. It’s more cost-effective to hire a professional to replaster your pool and have it done correctly the first time.

Gunite offers the maximum strength that can currently be found in the swimming pool construction industry.  These materials allow for a more “elevated” level of custom pool design options.  Gunite is a pneumatically applied concrete mixture reinforced with steel rebar.  This is the most effective way of creating a swimming pool from concrete. Gunite is superior to alternative pool construction techniques such as vinyl liner or fiberglass pools in terms of structural strength and design options. It is also a porous concrete mixture that allows for better expansion/contraction tolerance and is less prone to cracking, shifting, translating, or sinking.

Is a gunite pool a good investment?

There are plenty of pros of gunite pools to be aware of. First, they last a long time and don’t take much time, effort, or money to maintain. That fact is the reason why lots of people see gunite pools as being a good investment is because of less future costs.  The life expectancy of a gunite pool depends on the construction.

A poorly built gunite pool certainly has the potential to crack, but a properly built pool can and should last for 100 years or more, with no risk of cracking whatsoever. We’ve been building Gunite pools for more than 30 years and our customers are very satisfied.

Gunite-Swimming-Pool-Renovation1What is the difference between replastering and resurfacing a pool?

Replastering is typically done when the existing plaster has become rough, cracked, or stained. Resurfacing, on the other hand, involves adding a new layer of material on top of the existing pool surface. This can include plaster, aggregate, or tile.  Most often gunite pools need to be resurfaced when stains are inevitable. Often, they are not anything serious, but they can build up and take away the beauty of your pool. Stains usually come from algae, leaves, debris, and chemical, and mineral outputs. If you are unable to clean the stains off then pool resurfacing will do the trick.  The best way to know if it’s time to resurface a pool is to be proactive, observing it constantly so that you’ll notice signs that it’s time to resurface. Mineral stains, gunite exposure, or plaster that’s flaking or falling off are all signs that your pool is in need of work.

Many pool owners ask: “How often do you need to replaster a pool?” on average, a pool needs to be replastered every ten years or so. However, there are several factors that could cause this maintenance to come sooner or last longer.

Can you reshape a gunite pool?

If you’re looking to change the shape of a gunite pool, a significant amount of excavation work is needed. Moreover, multiple areas would need to be excavated and then refilled for this process. In some instances, this process could be costly.

Gunite-Swimming-Pool-RenovationWhy use gunite instead of concrete?

To improve the strength and ductility of poured concrete, it is usually incorporated with wire mesh but sprayed concrete can be combined with steel fiber to increase this. Gunite and shotcrete are typically less expensive than poured concrete.  Shotcrete, “concrete”, and gunite are all basically the same product with variations in strength, inherent water-tightness, and methods of construction.

Gunite Swimming Pool Advantages

  • Gunite is cheaper than shotcrete
  • When applying Gunite you can stop and start the application without creating any weak points
  • Super high strength with low shrinkage
  • You can walk on the wet concrete without disturbing it
  • Gunite is easier to clean up than shotcrete

Gunite Swimming Pool Super Blue Diamond Bright Finish Renovation East Northport NY

This is a gunite swimming pool renovation patio restoration located in East Northport NY. Gappsi installed G045 limestone coping for the pool and Flagstone G045 pavers for the patio. The pool plaster was done with diamond bright super blue and we used porcelain tiles in the water line. All the pool plumbing was redone with new filters and a new salt generator chlorine system. This is the latest Gappsi gunite swimming pool renovation in East Northport NY. 

We specialize in professionally resurfacing commercial and residential gunite pools. From the prepping and pre-plastering to the plastering and finishing touches, we handle the whole process from start to finish.

Contact Gappsi today to set up an appointment. We’ll come out to inspect your pool and give you a free quote.


View Gappsi’s YouTube channel for videos of the Gunite Swimming Pool Renovation

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Gunite Pool Renovation Nassau Long Island NY

Gunite-Pool-Renovation-Nassau-Long-Island-NY1Are you looking into replacing a fiberglass or vinyl pool with a gunite pool renovation this season?  Renovate your existing in-ground pool with a new plaster finish, tile, and eco-friendly material.  Gappsi understands how backyard design with pool construction should complement each other, which is why we provide a one-stop shop for your backyard renovation.


Gunite pools are known for their longevity. However, if they aren’t well-maintained, they will need to undergo resurfacing by a professional.  With one call, Gappsi can make your pool new! With Gappsi, we can repair:

  • Tile
  • Coping
  • Plaster / Diamond Brite
  • Coping spray deck overlays
  • Anything related to your pool


Stains – Stains typically don’t pose any serious problems. However, if you’re like a lot of our clients and want your gunite pool to be in pristine condition, there’s a good chance you want to take care of it right away.

Most gunite stains are caused by chemical or mineral inputs, leaves or debris, and algae.  If a stain continues to grow or if you can’t seem to clean it off your pool, it’s time to give us a call. We can restore your pool to its original beauty.

Texture – How does your pool surface feel on your feet? If it has lost that original feeling of smoothness, the surface of your pool is starting to deteriorate.  This could be due to unbalanced chemicals or a variety of other factors, but you need to bring in a professional to address both (1) the surface of the pool and (2) the root cause of the deterioration.

There isn’t a repair that’s too big for us. Minor repairs, installations, and renovations are what we’re here to do. A pool is a fantastic investment that will turn your home into an oasis during the summer. We make sure our clients are always satisfied with our services. Our company was built on the principles of efficiency, integrity, and honesty. Because of this, we will work hard to complete your vision.

Gunite-Pool-Renovation-Nassau-Long-Island-NY2GUNITE POOLS TILE AND COPING

When we say coping, we are talking about the tiles that line the edge of the pool. Tile and coping initially may seem like a small detail that homeowners ignore, but it’s essential. Tile and coping have three primary functions:

Prevents Cracking – Tiles are also practical. Age, water, and sunlight can cause cracks on the side of your pool. Repairs can be costly and time-consuming. Installing tiles is a one-time solution that will take care of any cracks.

Hides Scum Rings – Scum rings form when organic waste accumulates and builds upon the waterline. This makes your pool look poorly maintained and could be off-putting because it looks dirty. Oils, sun lotion, and animal byproducts increase the chances of developing scum rings. Tiles will help hide them.

Protects You – This is a very functional purpose of tiles. Tiles offer protection from the sun. Avoid walking on the hot floor, which could cause burns. Cool coping and tiles are a great solution to this.

In addition, they make your pool look even more beautiful. Gappsi has a great selection of patterns and sizes to choose from. Our tiles enhance your home’s aesthetic and are very affordable too.

Our pool renovations can help reinvigorate and refresh older-style gunite pools so they can be enjoyed for years to come. Don’t let cracking cement, deteriorating plaster, or pool tile falling off ruin your swimming pool.  Call Gappsi today and talk to one of our gunite pool specialists. We’ll come to your pool, give you a complete plan and estimate for your renovation project, then we’ll get the job done so you can spend more time swimming in your pool.

Gunite-Pool-Renovation-Nassau-Long-Island-NYSWIMMING POOL RENOVATIONS WE OFFER

Gunite Pool Renovations or Concrete Pool Renovations

  • Re-plastering
  • Tile replacement
  • Coping replacement
  • Deck replacement

Fiberglass Pool Renovations

  • Tile replacement
  • Coping replacement
  • Deck replacement
  • Equipment upgrade

Vinyl Liner Pool Renovations

  • Liner replacement
  • Coping replacement
  • Deck replacement
  • Equipment upgrade

Breathe New Life into Your Pool

Many renovations require tile replacement, pump repair, deck replacement, and vinyl replacement. No job is too small or too big for us, we can do it all. Call us today to get your FREE estimate!

Gunite Pool Renovation In Glen Head Long Island NY

Gappsi completed a Gunite Pool Renovation in Glen Head NY. We renovated the pool and patio together. Gappsi’s team removed an Old Westchester coping and a random bluestone patio. We reinstalled G045 Blue Limestone selected from the Gappsi Natural Stone Collection.

The pool was completely remodeled with all new plumbing, skimmers, and jets. The tiles selected for the pool were porcelain 6-inch tiles installed in the water line in the pool. The customer chose G045 for the pool coping.  We installed it 2 inches thick throughout the pool and the spa area. The gunite pool coping has a rock face finish with tumbled with ceramic chips. This makes it very smooth to the touch. For the pool and the spa finish, we used onyx diamond bright, which is a very dark, almost black color plastic.

For the patio area, we installed G045 limestone which has variations of blue grays in a large format pattern selected from the Gappsi Stone Collection. The color of the pool gives the entire backyard a natural pond effect.  In addition, the landscaping created offered a natural look and feel. This is the latest gunite pool and patio renovation done by Gappsi in Nassau County, Long Island.


View Gappsi’s YouTube channel for videos of Gunite Pool Renovation Nassau Long Island

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Gunite Pool Renovation And Coping Brookville NY

Gunite-Pool-Renovation-And-Coping1Gappsi is an expert at Gunite Pool Renovation And Coping on Long Island.  Gappsi is an industry leader in remodeling services which allows you to change virtually everything with your existing pool. We combine old-time craftsmanship with modern technology and pride ourselves on personalized attentive service. We work with our clients to effectively choose what the best options are to create their dream backyard. From state-of-the-art products for modernizing your filtration and sanitation needs to redesign the layout and material of your decking.

We offer the latest technology that makes pool maintenance much easier. These new innovations will save you money, time, and frustration, which will allow you and your family to enjoy spending time by the pool. Gappsi creates a new experience and brings life back into your swimming pool.

How Do You Know You Need A Gunite Pool Renovation And Coping?

  • Is your swimming pool beginning to show signs of age?
  • Is the coping loose?
  • Is your tile cracked?
  • Is your tile falling off?
  • Is your pool tile fading or dull?
  • Are your kids complaining about the plaster feeling rough on their feet?
  • You just want to achieve a completely new look.

From full swimming pool reconstruction, concrete pool resurfacing & pool plastering, to pool tile repair, replacement of pool coping, and in-ground pool repair, Gappsi Pools has the experience to handle all your Long Island swimming pool remodeling needs.

Gappsi Renovation And Remodeling Services

Our gunite pool renovation and remodeling services will take your inground swimming pool from dull to stunning. We also offer energy-efficient equipment upgrades for spas, waterfalls, or raising the pool depth. Our services include improving drainage and repairing cracks. Energy-saving makeovers, alternative ways to sanitize your pool, and acid baths, are just some of the services we offer.

  • Gunite Swimming Pool Restoration
  • Gunite Swimming Pool Remodeling
  • Gunite and Deck Cracks Repaired
  • Gunite Pool Renovations Complete
  • Pool Loose or Cracked Tile Repair and Replacement
  • Inground Pool Coping Restoration
  • Gunite Pool Replastering
  • Deck Restoration and Remodeling
  • Pool Chemical Stain Restoration
  • Pool Rust Stain Removal
  • Pool Discoloration Restoration

Gunite-Pool-Renovation-And-CopingMarble Pavers Pool Copings In Brookville NY

This is a gunite renovation completed on Long Island in Brookville NY. Gappsi installed new glass tiles in the waterline to freshen up the look of the pool.

Waterfalls, water walls, fountains, jets, bubblers, and spillovers give your pool a focal point, and they create an inspirational setting. A great pool design is often realized by the water within; its appearance, reflections, and how it refracts light and color. By adding a vertical element of moving water, the design can spring to life and almost become a work of art. There are many types of water features to choose from.  Simply put, today’s pool builders create customized features that move water in astonishing ways.

For our customer in Nassau County, we built a wall for the water feature to include sheer descends and on each end, we added spillover bowls.  Along the side of the pool we installed 6 Laminars; 3 on each side.

Sheer-descent waterfalls

Sheer-descent waterfalls, also called sheetfalls, are more suited for modern and geometric pools. The water flows through a thin spillway creating a sleek elegant look as it descends into the water. Sheetfalls are often installed along a raised wall on one side of the pool. The wall can be finished in glass tile for a stunning effect or stacked stone for a more natural look.

Laminar Fountains

Laminar fountains are a type of deck jet that produces a bubble-free arc of water.  This water feature is more common on modern pools and often lit by colorful LED lights.   This water feature look is both stunning and exciting. Designers should pay attention to windy areas because too much wind may ruin the effect on the laminar fountains. Laminar fountains are more expensive than standard deck jets.

Gunite-Pool-Renovation-And-Coping2Gappsi Stone Collection | Marble G043

In general construction terminology, coping refers to masonry material that is used to cap the top of a wall. Most walls have some type of coping, and the kind that adorns those on gunite pools features specific elements.

Coping is the material—usually natural stone or various forms of concrete—mounted over the top of the pool shell’s “bond beam” (the upper portion of the wall). This is where the pool structure meets the surrounding deck

For the coping in the patio, we used marble G043 selected from the Gappsi Stone Collection. The benches and steps in the pool were outlined with glass tiles that were used in the pool for the waterline. For the wall water feature, we used very unique marble slabs to elevate the look and make it a dramatic focal point of the pool and backyard. The patterns in the stones add to the natural beauty of the backyard through the natural patterns in the stones.



Gappsi Is A Name You Can Trust 

For more than 35 years, Gappsi has renovated residential and commercial pools in Long Island New York.

Our commercial customers usually renovate their pool and spa to attract new members and retain existing customers at their health clubs or private community.


Whether your renovation project calls for a completely new design, a few new upgrades, or gunite resurfacing of the plaster finish give us a call today our team is here to help you! Guiseppe, along with his experienced team of professionals at Gappsi, will guide you through the process and offer trusted expert advice.

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