Inground Swimming Pool and Gunite Renovation in Laurel Hollow NY

View our latest project of an Inground Swimming Pool and Gunite Renovation in Laurel Hollow NY.  Your inground swimming pool is a source of recreation for spending quality leisure time in the comfort of your home day or night. Over time, the condition of your pool’s surface material will become damaged. Your pool may need to be resurfaced when you notice that the plaster has discolored, shows stains of rust, or if the paint starts to peel. You might also see fibers wearing off the fiberglass, cracks in the pool’s structure, or flaking; these are the wear-and-tear signs that signal it’s time to resurface your pool.

The Importance of Pool Resurfacing

Inground pools are made of concrete and have a coated surface of either tile, fiberglass, pebble, or plaster. Your pool is meant to last decades; however, resurfacing it will give your pool a greater chance of reaching or increasing its longevity potential.

Gappsi pool resurfacing brings your aging surfaces back to life with gunite pool resurfacing! Like your home’s roofing or driveway, your pool faces wear and tear over time. Exposed to the elements, your gunite swimming pool might show signs of aging, but worry not! We’re here to rejuvenate your pool with our top-notch resurfacing services.

♦ Stain Resistance  ♦ Smooth Texture  ♦ Leak Prevention  ♦ Aesthetic Appeal  ♦ Durability  ♦ Custom Finishes ♦

Our Team Knows How to Renovate and Resurface Pools

Our team completed a gunite pool renovation in the Village of Laurel Hollow in Nassau County on Long Island NY. The pool has a natural shape to resemble a pond with 2 waterfalls and a natural stone coping.

The freeform pool was designed to create a natural environment with the use of boulders, landscaping, and the materials selected. With multiple usable areas in the backyard, this space has something for everyone.  Freeform pools are the perfect tie-in to your nature-oriented landscaping. With the ability to fit perfectly into any space, these freeform swimming pools are not defined by straight lines or hard angles.

inground-swimming-pool-and-gunite-renovation-in-laurel-hollow-ny1Surface Preparation and Application

It is essential to remove any loose plaster on the old surface before applying the new plaster coating. At the time of preparation, we will inspect for cracks in the gunite surface and make necessary repairs.  The pool was prepared by starting with the removal of loose old marble dust.

Next, we acid-washed, naturalized, and primed the pool with Bond Kote. Go the EXTRA MILE to get the job done right. On pools with a pre-existing plaster surface, it is highly recommended to apply one coat of Bond Kote before applying a new plaster coating. Bond Kote is used to produce a superior substrate to mechanically bond new pool coatings over existing plaster finishes.

Marble Dusting Pool Surface

We finished the pool with gray marble dust and completed the waterfall and the shelves in the waterfall too.  Marble dust is a smooth plaster finish applied to the gunite pool or spa. It’s a mixture of highly refined white cement and crushed marble. This material can be dyed into many colors or purchased in a specific color and aggregate pattern.  Marble dust is a substance that gives a classic look to the pool because of its clean and smooth characteristics. From other finishes, you can observe that this material is shared among pool owners because it is budget-friendly and straightforward for repairs. Our process of marble dusting offers you a pleasant finish and enhances your pool’s appearance.

The Importance of Marble Dusting Your Pool

As an owner of a pool, you have to know why marble dust is needed by recognizing its importance, you can take care of it well. Marble dusting is necessary when the finish of your pool turns discolored and worn out. This condition typically happens to older pools. Check the following list of signs that you specifically need us to refinish your swimming pool.

  • Plaster Peeling or Flaking
  • Egg Shell or Check Cracks
  • Structural Cracks
  • Surface Stains
  • Rust Stains
  • Discoloration
  • Roughness

To keep your pool in its most exceptional condition possible, you need to consider its finishing, our marble dusting services can provide you with that. Here are several advantages that you can obtain through the use of marble dust as a plaster finish:

  • It is a time-tested product.
  • The material is durable and long-lasting.
  • It is economical.
  • This plaster surface is repairable.
  • It is non-toxic and ecological.
  • It comes in various designs.

inground-swimming-pool-and-gunite-renovation-in-laurel-hollow-ny2Water Features and Waterfalls

Various swimming pool water features are built into an inground pool or connected by a detailed tile or rock feature.  Two common water features are swimming pool waterfalls and water fountains. You can choose from several types of water features to suit your pool and aesthetics.

  • Grotto Waterfalls – Waterfall grottos for pools are detailed artificial rock features that mimic natural caves and coves. Rock waterfall features are typically made from natural stone or molded prefab.
  • Cascade Waterfalls – Cascade waterfalls can provide an elegant feel to your inground swimming pool. They are built into a stone wall of a swimming pool or connected through an artificial rock feature. Cascade waterfalls add a scenic aesthetic to your surroundings. You can create a rainforest or elegant paradise island in your outdoor entertainment area with the perfect landscape design and cascade pool waterfall.
  • Scupper Waterfalls – Scuppers are modern and subtle waterfall features that add an elegant touch to your inground swimming pool. They also provide tranquility and add character to your pool. Water cascades out of scupper openings into your swimming pool, keeping your water cool.

 What type of water feature is right for your home? Call Gappsi Today!

  • Rain Curtain Waterfalls – Rain curtains are one of the most versatile waterfall features for your inground swimming pool. They offer luxury, drama, entertainment, tranquility, and a unique aesthetic. The descending drops of water from a rain curtain make a swimming pool look sophisticated and glamorous.
  • Water Bowl Waterfalls – If you want to add drama and extravagance to your inground swimming pool, water bowls are a perfect choice. Water bowl waterfalls are large bowl or vase structures with scuppers. Water bowls can also combine water and fire components if you like. Water streams from the scupper beneath the water bowl, and artificial fire burns bright at the surface. Water bowls come in various materials, styles, sizes, and designs that can enhance and transform the look of your swimming pool.
  • Spillway Waterfalls – Spillways can make your inground pool swimming look and feel luxurious. Spillways come in various designs and styles, adding versatility and flair to your swimming pool. Spillways get their names because water from a hot tub spills over the edge into your swimming pool.

This is the latest Inground Swimming Pool and Gunite Renovation completed by Gappsi in Laurel Hollow NY.


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