Gunite Pool Renovation Nassau Long Island NY

Gunite-Pool-Renovation-Nassau-Long-Island-NY1Are you looking into replacing a fiberglass or vinyl pool with a gunite pool renovation this season?  Renovate your existing in-ground pool with a new plaster finish, tile, and eco-friendly material.  Gappsi understands how backyard design with pool construction should complement each other, which is why we provide a one-stop shop for your backyard renovation.


Gunite pools are known for their longevity. However, if they aren’t well-maintained, they will need to undergo resurfacing by a professional.  With one call, Gappsi can make your pool new! With Gappsi, we can repair:

  • Tile
  • Coping
  • Plaster / Diamond Brite
  • Coping spray deck overlays
  • Anything related to your pool


Stains – Stains typically don’t pose any serious problems. However, if you’re like a lot of our clients and want your gunite pool to be in pristine condition, there’s a good chance you want to take care of it right away.

Most gunite stains are caused by chemical or mineral inputs, leaves or debris, and algae.  If a stain continues to grow or if you can’t seem to clean it off your pool, it’s time to give us a call. We can restore your pool to its original beauty.

Texture – How does your pool surface feel on your feet? If it has lost that original feeling of smoothness, the surface of your pool is starting to deteriorate.  This could be due to unbalanced chemicals or a variety of other factors, but you need to bring in a professional to address both (1) the surface of the pool and (2) the root cause of the deterioration.

There isn’t a repair that’s too big for us. Minor repairs, installations, and renovations are what we’re here to do. A pool is a fantastic investment that will turn your home into an oasis during the summer. We make sure our clients are always satisfied with our services. Our company was built on the principles of efficiency, integrity, and honesty. Because of this, we will work hard to complete your vision.

Gunite-Pool-Renovation-Nassau-Long-Island-NY2GUNITE POOLS TILE AND COPING

When we say coping, we are talking about the tiles that line the edge of the pool. Tile and coping initially may seem like a small detail that homeowners ignore, but it’s essential. Tile and coping have three primary functions:

Prevents Cracking – Tiles are also practical. Age, water, and sunlight can cause cracks on the side of your pool. Repairs can be costly and time-consuming. Installing tiles is a one-time solution that will take care of any cracks.

Hides Scum Rings – Scum rings form when organic waste accumulates and builds upon the waterline. This makes your pool look poorly maintained and could be off-putting because it looks dirty. Oils, sun lotion, and animal byproducts increase the chances of developing scum rings. Tiles will help hide them.

Protects You – This is a very functional purpose of tiles. Tiles offer protection from the sun. Avoid walking on the hot floor, which could cause burns. Cool coping and tiles are a great solution to this.

In addition, they make your pool look even more beautiful. Gappsi has a great selection of patterns and sizes to choose from. Our tiles enhance your home’s aesthetic and are very affordable too.

Our pool renovations can help reinvigorate and refresh older-style gunite pools so they can be enjoyed for years to come. Don’t let cracking cement, deteriorating plaster, or pool tile falling off ruin your swimming pool.  Call Gappsi today and talk to one of our gunite pool specialists. We’ll come to your pool, give you a complete plan and estimate for your renovation project, then we’ll get the job done so you can spend more time swimming in your pool.

Gunite-Pool-Renovation-Nassau-Long-Island-NYSWIMMING POOL RENOVATIONS WE OFFER

Gunite Pool Renovations or Concrete Pool Renovations

  • Re-plastering
  • Tile replacement
  • Coping replacement
  • Deck replacement

Fiberglass Pool Renovations

  • Tile replacement
  • Coping replacement
  • Deck replacement
  • Equipment upgrade

Vinyl Liner Pool Renovations

  • Liner replacement
  • Coping replacement
  • Deck replacement
  • Equipment upgrade

Breathe New Life into Your Pool

Many renovations require tile replacement, pump repair, deck replacement, and vinyl replacement. No job is too small or too big for us, we can do it all. Call us today to get your FREE estimate!

Gunite Pool Renovation In Glen Head Long Island NY

Gappsi completed a Gunite Pool Renovation in Glen Head NY. We renovated the pool and patio together. Gappsi’s team removed an Old Westchester coping and a random bluestone patio. We reinstalled G045 Blue Limestone selected from the Gappsi Natural Stone Collection.

The pool was completely remodeled with all new plumbing, skimmers, and jets. The tiles selected for the pool were porcelain 6-inch tiles installed in the water line in the pool. The customer chose G045 for the pool coping.  We installed it 2 inches thick throughout the pool and the spa area. The gunite pool coping has a rock face finish with tumbled with ceramic chips. This makes it very smooth to the touch. For the pool and the spa finish, we used onyx diamond bright, which is a very dark, almost black color plastic.

For the patio area, we installed G045 limestone which has variations of blue grays in a large format pattern selected from the Gappsi Stone Collection. The color of the pool gives the entire backyard a natural pond effect.  In addition, the landscaping created offered a natural look and feel. This is the latest gunite pool and patio renovation done by Gappsi in Nassau County, Long Island.


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