Vinyl Pool Installation & Backyard Design on Long Island by Gappsi


Vinyl Pool Installation & Backyard Design on Long Island by GappsiThis private residence located on Long Island, NY features the design & installation by Gappsi Group. The geometric shaped concrete in-ground pool with vinyl liner is surrounded by a Fiorito Travertine patio with matching stone coping. The deep blue vinyl-lined pool has a decorative wave border, and features an in-wall deep end ladder. The pool is accented with a two-tier natural stone spill-over waterfall and planting beds filled with decorative plants, flowers, and shrubbery. We finished the design with key details such as stylish accessories, wrought iron lounge chairs, bar chairs and table set. All construction and installation was completed by our highly skilled Gappsi Group team members; Giuseppe Abbrancati,

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Custom Travertine Fireplace by Gappsi

Custom Travertine Fireplace by Gappsi    Here you see just one of our gorgeous outdoor patios that will give your backyard that sophisticated look you can enjoy and show off to your friends. The main center piece you can see is the outdoor fireplace, built with Firorito Travertine Veneers and Travertine Coping. This would be a perfect addition to any home. The patio layout is made from Firorito Travertine Pavers as well which can polished into a smooth shiny finish or it can be left unfinished for a textured appearance. The Firorito Travertine stone is durable, weather resistant, and multi colored really giving you a unique look.

    To get more of a serenity feel think about installing a Pondless Waterfall which is a re-circulating waterfall without the presence of a pond. Moss rocks are positioned to help move the water in different directions, just like it would appear in nature. You can enjoy tranquility running water without the maintenance of a pond. Finishing off with just a touch of color add some beautiful flowers for your new spa like setting.

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Granite Driveway Pavers by Gappsi on Long Island NY

Granite Driveway Pavers by Gappsi on Long Island NYthis Split level Ranch or Splanch had many obstacles to overcome when trying to redesign the front entrance. The customer came to Gappsi for our design and expertise in the masonry and landscape forum. With keeping cost down and designing a multi-use entranceway from three sides of this slender sized property was the biggest challenge we had to undertake. After a few hours of designing and redesigning the customer and the team here at Gappsi design center nailed down the perfect combination to suit this homes updating project. While at the showroom the customer also had the chance to glance and browse Gappsi Signature Natural Stone selection and fell in love with our Amagansett granite paver. With design and material chosen, Gappsi’s masonry division expertly built and installed what you see here. A full two car driveway in a 90 degree herringbone pattern with soldier course border inlaid with a 45 degree herringbone walkway adds contrast and designates which area is which while still using the same medium of stone is the largest revitalization portion of this job. The main platform entrance from the driveway has two sets of steps on either side to access the main entrance of the home from either the walkway on the right as well as from the driveway. Leading up towards the main door another platform was built to meet the homes entrance, notice the absence of rails. To soften the large structure two columns and an eighteen inch planter wall with creeping ground covers and accent annuals as well as two side planter beds were added into the design bringing life and color to the project. These side planters have a dual purpose, by designing these planters the homeowner did not need to install hand rails due to height issues, which in turn saved them money. Using hanover wall system to compliment and add a vertical contrast to the natural stone paver the project blends two different materials seamlessly together with the existing home as the canvas. Curb appeal was achieve and the value of this home has been increase bringing joy not only to the current homeowners but to future homeowners as well with this timeless design and material choice.

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