Custom Travertine Fireplace by Gappsi

Custom Travertine Fireplace by Gappsi    Here you see just one of our gorgeous outdoor patios that will give your backyard that sophisticated look you can enjoy and show off to your friends. The main center piece you can see is the outdoor fireplace, built with Firorito Travertine Veneers and Travertine Coping. This would be a perfect addition to any home. The patio layout is made from Firorito Travertine Pavers as well which can polished into a smooth shiny finish or it can be left unfinished for a textured appearance. The Firorito Travertine stone is durable, weather resistant, and multi colored really giving you a unique look.

    To get more of a serenity feel think about installing a Pondless Waterfall which is a re-circulating waterfall without the presence of a pond. Moss rocks are positioned to help move the water in different directions, just like it would appear in nature. You can enjoy tranquility running water without the maintenance of a pond. Finishing off with just a touch of color add some beautiful flowers for your new spa like setting.

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