Cars sliding on snowy slanted driveways-steep-sloped-long island

By Giuseppe Abbrancati
There are many solutions to sloped driveways. Installing a snow melting system would be the most effective in driveways were the slope is very severe and dangerous of sliding down hill with a vehicle is a possibility. Also installing a more abrasive pavement like a more textured paving stone, this would allow some grip of the car tires to the surface. Or a pebble faced pavement will create a very affective traction to the car tires. Using a fair amount of calcium chloride during icing situations it is must calcium particles in contact with water will dissolve and will generate heat thus melting the icy pavement. To learn more about Gappsi products and services please visit our show room at 1015 West Jericho Turnpike, Smithtown Long Island, e-mails us at or visits our website at

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