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By happy Gappsi Customer DeCastro Residence I can’t say enough positive things about Giuseppe and his staff. I had gotten several estimates for a pool surround, walkway, and stairs before going to Gappsi. After choosing a company to do the work, a neighbor had recommended Gappsi. My husband insisted we get an estimate from Gappsi before we finalize anything. After going to Gappsi and meeting with Giuseppe, I was so excited and started thinking how I was going to tell that other contractor I wasn’t using him after all! All my other estimates had been for Cambridge paving stones, which at the time, is what I thought I wanted. Giuseppe introduced my husband and I to travertine, and at first we weren’t interested. We insisted we knew what we wanted and we weren’t changing a thing, we just wanted an estimate. I thought his estimate would probably be higher than all my others and then I can just go home and proceed with the other company. But what a mistake that would of been ! We went with the travertine after all and that was the best decision we made. And although travertine costs more per sq. ft. than the pavers, Gappsi’s estimate was lower than all the previous estimates! Everybody at Gappsi is professional, polite and very accommodating. I wanted something changed after it was completed and they ripped it up and did it again, no problem. They added a retainer wall at no additional cost when they realized that it was needed and not figured into the original estimate. I chose individual stones to be placed in specific places and they did it, never complaining or acting annoyed with me at all. They truly are the nicest people I have ever had at my house. I liked them so much that I ordered my Loop- Loc cover from them, which their pool division installed. And their pool division opens and closes my pool each year. I strongly recommend Gappsi, you will be very pleased, there is no better

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