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By Happy Gappsi Customer
Pool Patio – Pavers A few years ago I had an in-ground pool installed and the brick work was done by Gappsi. I met with Giuseppe in his showroom and I immediately liked this guy. It was quite refreshing to see a business owner who was so hands-on with his customers. Although Giuseppe was clearly very busy, he took the time to explain everything to us and he was very patient with my questions about the process. I found Giuseppe to be extremely trustworthy, pleasant and helpful. The man is truly an artist when it comes to his design services. He came out to the house to look at the pool layout, and right there on the spot he started throwing out ideas and tracing lines on the ground as he fleshed out several concepts for our patio. He’s been doing brick work since he was a child in Italy (in his office there are pictures of him as a boy laying bricks with his father). As such, ideas seem to flow out from him effortlessly. His experience allows him to take things into consideration that you never would have thought of, and his concepts are spot-on and customized for your particular project (he’s not just pumping-out cookie-cutter patio plans). Giuseppe is also something of a perfectionist. For example, on one of the construction days his team had installed a large section of bricks that looked perfectly fine to my wife and me. When Giuseppe came at the end of the day for his daily inspection he wasn’t satisfied. He talked a while with his foreman and came back to me and said the team was going to re-do the whole section and make it look better. There was absolutely nothing wrong with it but I knew Giuseppe was good so I just went along with him. The next day when I got home from work the team had replaced a whole section of bricks with a “circle kit” – essentially building in a beautiful round design into the area of bricks at the top of my pool steps. The final project looked magnificent, and Giuseppe had re-done almost a full day’s work at no cost to me, making the patio look extra-special in the process. I can whole-heartedly recommend Gappsi for his excellent design services, his team who worked tirelessly and fast, and his office staff who were always very courteous and helpful. I also found that Gappsi’s pricing was especially fair, and I did feel like Giuseppe threw in some “extras” (like the circle kit) which didn’t change the agreed-upon price. All contractors should be as good as the Gappsi team

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