pool liner was coming off | advise help | long island

Hi Scott, A few weeks ago you closed our pool (in Smithtown). We wanted to mention to you when you were here that our pool liner was coming off in one spot near the diving board. Is this something that can be fixed? The pool is just two years old it is disappointing this is happening. Could you or someone take a look perhaps in the offseason during the fall when things for you slow down? It can easily be seen if you lift off the cover by the diving board. If not during the fall can it be looked at when the cover is removed in the spring? Hopefully this can be fixed. Thanks.
Tom & Linda Muratore
Hello Tom and Linda not to worry, this is a normal thing that happens and only I have to do is adjust it witch can be done in the spring when we open the swimming pool.
after the first year the liner is finally starched and it came off the track only because it was pulling from it for a while, the way I will fixe the liner is by using a heat gun to make relaxed and stretch and it will never come off again . it is like making the liner bigger to reach the track better

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