How much for a pool permit how | much does tax go up with a swimming| pool long island?

The average cost for filing for a swimming pool permit is about $500.
Including engineering drawing and town permit fees. In some situations Dec permit are required, if you are close to any wet lands natural water streams or natural preserved areas. Dec permits require much more information’s and they take a lot longer to get and also much more money the process could take months to years in some situations. Here at Gappsi we handle all permits in house we have our own expediter in house, and we generate all info for the permit process as fast as possible. Usually in permit applications the most important factors are: set back from property lines and every town and village has different rules and requirements, fence height and standard gaps within bars, line of clearing and revalidation plants, the finial swimming pool inspection includes that the pool are is safe and all gates and doors leading to pool have to be self-locking and child proof. Often new rule apply like the gates used to open going in the pool area now they have to open going out. The property tax increase for installing a swimming pool are not as high as everyone thinks the average out to be $ 500 to &1000 in most areas accept in certain areas they are based on the increased value of the house . for more information please visit our website at

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