Fiberglass stairs vs. vinyl liner covered concrete steps Long Island

Fiberglass stairs are built much better today then few years ago.
They are much more resistant to wear and weathering… over the years we have encountered many vinyl and fiberglass stair and our experience with that as been that after 15 to 20 years when it came the time to replace the liner the stairs also showed allot o wear .spire cracks on the top ledge made the pool look not clean and old. and every time we replaced a swimming pool liner and left the old fiber glass stair clients got very disappointed to see the brand new liner against the old swimming pool stair., and the reason they did not realize before it was because they were focused on the liner only .over time we learned and we educated the clients about the old fiberglass pool stair
And always estimated and included them to be replaced. This is where life became more complicated for us because to replace the stair coasted more then the liner and with that many swimming pools also needed other work on the walls especially steel wall pools because of the pressure from the dirt settleling over the years and the corrosion on the pool wall weakened the structural integral of the pool and to install a new fiberglass stair it is allot more then just installing a new stair. Now it does not stop at the swimming pool because to replace a fiberglass stair the all patio around it gets compromised and that leads in to replacing concrete or pavers and dealing with using new pavers to repair the patio around the swimming pool stair could lead to a all new patio around the old swimming pool . After the swimming pool remodeling as taken place, the job coasted more then if we installed a brand new 10 inches concrete walls swimming pool.
So many times we have suggested building an all new pool because of the cost.
with a Gappsi vinyl lined concrete stairs and concrete wall swimming pool you will have a very strong pool walls that will not rust or decades and 20 years later when it is time to change the liner you will change the entire inside of the swimming pool by just paying for a new liner, there will be no need to do any extra work to the pool, the stairs and the patio. To teach more about you next pool renovation contacts the long island swimming pool experts to avoid costly swimming pool mistakes and surprises.

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