Porcelain Pavers Installed in Huntington NY

Porcelain Pavers Installed in Huntington NYJust completed this renovation of the Gunite pool. We installed a brand new porcelain random pattern patio. This pool was all renovated and re marble dusted with white marble dust bluestone coping and brand new tiles. We were able to finish it through the winter.   The weather has been so perfect to work outside better than the summer.   We installed all new equipment and all new plumbing for the pool. We did not close the pool this winter  because we just finished the patio  and we did the marble dust  like two weeks ago  the end of January.   We kept this tree in the middle of the patio.  It was an existing beautiful tree.  We trimmed the steps with the bluestone and the water fountain is still covered. We will came back in the summer time to retake the video.

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