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Gunite Pool Renovation With Marble Pavers Muttontown, NY (1)Deciding to complete a gunite pool renovation with marble pavers comes with a range of incredible benefits for your home. From increased home value to the joy of creating your own space, it’s a decision that you won’t soon forget.

Does your backyard and pool need an update?  It might be time to resurface your pool or change the pavers to what you always wanted.  Resurfacing your pool can repair problems like cracks and wearing, while also enhancing and updating your pool’s appearance. Now that the season is changing to Fall and the Summer fun is ending it is the perfect time to plan for next year.  Your pool area might be out of sight and out of mind as the temps gradually get lower.  Maintain it now so you don’t cut into your swim time later on.

To keep your pool in top shape and working properly, resurfacing is a must. But, if you’re unsure if your pool needs resurfacing, there are a few signs to look for.

What Is Pool Resurfacing?

Are you seeing cracks and staining in your swimming pool? If so resurfacing is a great solution to correct those issues.  The kind of surface your pool has will determine how it will be resurfaced, but the process is generally the same. Resurfacing consists of taking off a pool’s top surface layer, replacing it with a new one, and then applying a new sealant.

The goal of resurfacing is to improve both the look and lifespan of your pool, restoring it to its former glory.  Resurfacing is more than just a way to repair and maintain your pool: It also gives you the opportunity to transform and enhance the way your pool looks.

When Should You Resurface Your Pool?

Gappsi recommends resurfacing your pool every 10 to 15 years.  Your pool’s size and shape will impact how long it will take to resurface but expect a project to last anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks.

Gunite Pool Renovation With Marble Pavers Muttontown, NY (2)Marble Patio Pavers

Now that you have decided to upgrade your gunite swimming pool why not upgrade your patio area as well?  If you’re thinking about upgrading your outdoor living space by installing pavers and making it a place for family gatherings, entertaining friends, or just enjoying and reading a book. You’re at the right place with Gappsi. We are marble flooring pros and help you with your decision to enhance your patio.

Marble is made to stand the test of time.  This high-density stone also withstands heavy loads; thus is the perfect choice for traffic areas like backyards and patios.  Marble pavers do come with a price tag but they sure are worth it. Their elegance and beautycannot be compared to other materials used for making pool decks. Installing them can dramatically elevate the appearance of your pool area and even boost the value of your property overall.

Marble pavers are chosen often for a pool deck and patio because of their high heat resistance.  Pretty cool, right? (Yes, irony intended.)  During the summer months, it can get pretty hot here on Long Island, marble pavers are an excellent choice for pool surrounds because when installed, they will stay cool underfoot.  This is a very important consideration when choosing pool pavers.  Not only from the perspective of enjoying the pool surroundings but because it’s a safer choice.  This is an important consideration if you have children and the elderly living with you.

Before Choosing Marble Pavers

Marble pavers, when compared to other natural stone pavers, do require a higher initial investment.  When properly installed, they will require minimum attention and maintenance, saving you time (and money) in the long run.

Marble pavers are as practical, durable, and versatile as they are elegant and majestic.  They are a worthy investment for any home pool surrounds, outdoor areas like patios, steps, staircases, and even driveways.  At Gappsi we offer a variety of marble outdoor pavers suitable for paving, steps, and pool coping.  Our pool coping is available in drop edge coping, pencil edge coping, and bullnose edge coping.

So, whether you are looking for cool and modern colored exterior marble pavers or more traditional and warm-colored ones, at Gappsi you’ll find a marble paver to suit any outdoor project.

Gunite Pool Renovation With Marble Pavers Muttontown, NY (3)Muttontown Gunite Pool Renovation With Marble Pavers Pool Deck & Patio

Gappsi completed this gunite pool renovation in Muttontown NY located in Nassau County on Long Island. The pool was totally renovated as well as the patio. We used marble pavers selected from the Gappsi Natural Stone Collection. For the patio, we used the French pattern and two-inch thick coping for the swimming pool. Our team installed ceramic tiles under the coping in the water line of the pool. The pool plaster consists of Diamond Brite Super Blue. We also installed tile markers on the edge of the steps and then extended the pool.  We extended the pool by building a bench incorporated into the semi-round steps. Additionally, we added an eight-foot round spa on the outside of the pool spilling into the pool.

The new spa installed was part of the pool modification and upgrade project. Gappsi custom cut the copings to match the patio and veneered walls with mocha travertine four-inch veneers split face and tumbled. The spa spills over into the pool and it can also work on its own, keeping the water within the spa and heating it over 100 degrees! This is the latest gunite pool renovation completed by Gappsi with a new patio layout and installation of marble pavers.


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