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old-tennis-court-conversion-to-multisport-courtCheck out our recent tennis court conversion to a multisport court that has been revitalized!  This is an old tennis court in Leisure Knoll in Ridge Long Island NY. The entire court is being remodeled and converted into a multisport game court. Our team at Gappsi will first start with pressure washing the tennis court.  This process reveals many potholes allowing water to sit.  This often leads to further concrete cracking or foundation structural issues. Puddled areas, or low spots, can also be a trip hazard if they have sunk enough to affect the players’ footing.

Old Tennis Court Conversion to Pickleball 

As we prepare the courts to re-level the potholes the tennis courts’ netting is removed first. The new tennis court is built using synthetic turf. This method of tennis court construction is a new process here in the United States, but it has been used in Italy and Europe for many years.  Synthetic turf reduces the need for constant maintenance due to cracking and delamination of hard concrete or asphalt courts. Due to the drainage capabilities of synthetic turf, there is less puddling and damage to the courts. Also, there is less downtime due to inclement weather when it occurs.   

Pickleball has been the fastest-growing sport in America for the past three years.  We are going to split the old tennis court in half. On one side will be 3 Pickleball Courts, and a putting green, with the other half a tennis court. 

The multisport game courts will use polypropylene tiles and synthetic turf for the putting green. This is a major transformation for the tennis court area.   Our team are renovation experts.  We understand the importance of minimizing the destruction of the surrounding areas.   Leisure Knolls had an existing fence and landscaping surrounding the courts which were utilized as we maintained minimal destruction during the renovation process.

old-tennis-court-conversion-to-multisport-court1Multisports Game Courts in Ridge NY

Just like magic, we converted the two old tennis courts into an all-new sports game court area for the Leisure Knolls community.  In addition to the 3 pickleball courts and tennis court, we installed a putting green in the back corner and an all-new synthetic turf area for the kids to play on.

Our installation included Mateflex sports tiles for the surface of the courts. Once in place, this sophisticated, state-of-the-art system of cross ribs affords a completely flat play surface that puts a spring into every step, improves comfort on the court, reduces fatigue and leg stress, and heightens play. Super-fast drying time after rainfall gets your athletes back on the court quicker and the low-glare surface keeps their focus on the game. All courts are not created equal. For the best possible modular flooring solutions for your professional, commercial, or home pickleball court, trust Gappsi.

old-tennis-court-conversion-to-multisport-court2Our team used a dark blue and a lighter blue tile with white stripes for the pickleball court inserts. In the remaining area, we used a dark green tile and surrounded all the courts with a synthetic turf fringe. Each court has a multisport netting installed, which is adjustable for different sports played on the courts.  A player can use the space to play pickleball, badminton, or volleyball simply by adjusting the net for the game.

Tennis Court Sports Game Turf

For the tennis court flooring, we installed synthetic turf. The sports turf used is specifically made for tennis courts.  Synthetic turf reduces the need for constant maintenance due to cracking and delamination of hard concrete or asphalt courts. Artificial grass tennis courts require little to no maintenance compared to natural grass surfaces, which require continual care of watering, mowing, and fertilizers. Synthetic grass tennis courts provide a softer and even playing surface, for your feet and joints! Our highly durable synthetic grass tennis courts allow you to enjoy the game of tennis year-round with the fast-drying turf.

Made from a special blend of fiber, Gappsi’s synthetic grass courts provide a safe, family-friendly surface that brings tennis back to how it was played for the better part of a century. It can be installed over any sound base including:

  • An existing tennis court that has been cleaned and sealed
  • A concrete or asphalt slab
  • A crushed stone aggregate base – ideal for areas with impervious surfacing laws

Artificial grass tennis courts will not crack or split like traditional hard court surfaces. For homeowners and facility operators who are tired of the short lifespans of traditional hard court surfaces, Gappsi’s artificial grass tennis courts offer an effective alternative to building or resurfacing a tennis court.

We used a dark blue turf with a blue infill for the tennis court inlay. The surrounding area is synthetic turf with green infill. We installed one foot wide of taller turf as a fringe to define the sports game courts and enhance the fenced area.

old-tennis-court-conversion-to-multisport-court4Synthetic Turf – Artificial Grass – Fake Grass

This synthetic turf is manufactured in Italy and Gappsi is a supplier and installer of sports game courts with synthetic turf. We divided the courts with an out-of-bounce netting. This netting is primarily used to prevent the balls from going across one court to another. This is Gappsi`s multisport design and construction for the Leisure Knoll in Ridge NY.

We believe tennis-to-pickleball court conversion is a positive development for the sport and local clubs.  They add value to our local communities. For those who want complete court construction, we offer a variety of surfaces and amenities that will supply years of enjoyment for pickleball or tennis players. We provide the same great color combinations that are available for tennis courts.

For clients interested in adding a pickleball court to their sports amenities or want to add pickleball court lines to existing tennis courts for maximum value and usage from court space, contact Gappsi today!


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