Outdoor Custom Wood Fired Pizza Ovens On Long Island

Outdoor-Custom-Wood-Fired-Pizza-Ovens-On-Long-Island1Gappsi brick ovens are the pinnacle of excellence when it comes to at-home cooking with our outdoor custom wood fired pizza ovens on Long Island. Our brick ovens outperform every other oven on the market.  Gappsi Ovens are built and designed to last a lifetime and go well beyond just cooking just pizza view our Gappsi Ovens page to view the full collection of ovens for your home. Fresh bread, grilled pork chops, cast iron skillet meals, rich desserts this list goes on! So, gather your family around the fire, enjoy a wood-fired meal, and make memories that your family will look back on for years to come. Your home will be the one everyone wants to come over to, celebrating life’s moments and building years of memories.

Besides being able to cook beautiful pizzas in a wood-fired pizza oven. Did you know you can bake as well as cook plenty of other foods for instance?  All the food from the wood-burning oven is excellent and so delicious all your friends will be asking where they can buy their own grill too. Tasty and healthy, rich in flavors with light hints of smoke.  You can apply several cooking techniques like baking, grilling, or cooking in cast iron skillets or carbon steel pans in wood-burning ovens also.

Bake Delicious Hearth Breads, Focaccia, And Snacks

Besides baking delicious hearth bread, focaccia, and snacks in the oven.  You can cook, grill, and roast different seafood, meat, poultry, and vegetables in all the wood-fired ovens also with them.  Brick wood fired pizza ovens are ideal for cooking one-pot meals using Dutch ovens, clay cookers, and roasters. This way, you can prepare stews and beans and seafood, meat, potatoes, and much more all at once.

There is so much that goes into entertaining.  There’s not only tasty food but the unique outdoor cooking experience that matters when entertaining. A wood-fired pizza oven is an excellent place for socializing and hanging out with your friends and family too.  The brick oven is a great conversation starter for guests when they come over as well.

Outdoor-Custom-Wood-Fired-Pizza-Ovens-On-Long-IslandWhat Is A Wood Fired Brick Pizza Oven?

A wood-fired brick oven is a specially designed oven that heats up evenly, retains high temperatures, and cooks the perfect pizzas, meats, and more. It is an oven that uses burning wood on the inside to heat up the surfaces. Once the oven has reached the right temperature, you can cook pizzas in just a few minutes or less; the oven reaches temperatures of 850+ degrees Fahrenheit.

How Do Wood Fired Brick Pizza Ovens Work?

A brick wood fired pizza oven can get to temperatures upwards of 850+ degrees without causing damage or compromising the structural integrity of the oven. The dome shape bounces the heat in every direction allowing the oven to be at the same temperature all over. This allows for pizzas and foods to cook evenly no matter where it sits in the oven.

What Kind Of Wood Is Used For Wood Fired Brick Pizza Oven?

Hardwoods are the best kinds of wood to use in a wood fired oven. Brick pizza ovens allow you to take advantage of delightful aromas and flavors you can’t get in a regular oven. You can use anything from applewood to oak, maple, and even hickory wood in a wood fired brick pizza oven.

Are All Brick Ovens Wood Fired?

Some brick ovens can be converted to gas or propane oven. Using this heat source can be convenient for people who want the perfect cooking properties of a brick oven without dealing with the mess of wood and ashes to clean up.

Outdoor-Custom-Wood-Fired-Pizza-Ovens-On-Long-Island2Custom Built Pizza Oven Built In Huntington Bay NY

As a complete Long-Island Italian brick pizza ovens distributor, Gappsi provides a great selection of pizza ovens.  Our store of ovens includes complete ready-to-use units, custom-built indoor and outdoor ovens, and custom-built on-site. We can incorporate all other outdoor cooking elements in your outdoor kitchen too. Gappsi pizza ovens come in a variety of sizes and models.  Customers can choose from countertop units with an optional finish in stone veneers or choose ceramic tiles and stucco in any color or finish desired.

Recently Gappsi refreshed a beautiful backyard located in Huntington Bay NY.  The backyard has a raised patio built several years ago with a Hanover chapel wall for the retaining wall. Gappsi installed G046 limestone treads for the steps and stone pavers for the patio. The home is sitting in a beautiful setting on the water with a breathtaking view. In our backyard update, we added the same G046 limestone pavers, an island, and a table.

Custom Built Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

A custom built pizza oven with a base was installed. Gappsi utilized eldorado prefab concrete boxes, veneered with Quartzite split-face natural stones. For the outdoor kitchen, we installed an AOG 24-inch grill and made a base for the smoker.  Gappsi designed the outdoor custom wood fired pizza ovens which extended the homeowner’s outdoor kitchen entertaining area. The countertop was created with limestone G046 coping and pavers.

The exterior of the oven is finished with stucco and the homeowner could not be happier!  The final step in completing the pizza oven is sealing it to make it water-repellant. For the front of the oven, we utilized G046 limestone and created a custom front to match the patio. The latest Gappsi creation in Huntington NY.

If you are looking for a Long Island Italian brick pizza oven retailer, and outdoor custom wood fired pizza ovens on Long Island Gappsi is the place for you. We invite you to our showroom display to see our ovens first hand. Visit us on social media, join our events, and be sure to sign up for a demonstration of our pizza ovens that happen year-round! A backyard is not complete without a Gappsi pizza oven. Among all our services, we are passionate about backyard design and the construction of outdoor cooking islands. We offer outdoor kitchen setups with a great selection of appliances and other cooking devices. Gappsi ovens are the best in the world, manufactured with high-quality materials and old-world craftsmanship.



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Construction of Outdoor Italian Brick Ovens by Gappsi Inc

Everything You Need To Know About Outdoor Italian Garden Brick Pizza Ovens in Nassau & Suffolk County, NY

Great pizza event at Gappsi oven!!

Italian brick ovens have been used for eons now. These ovens are renowned for producing drool-worthy pizzas. You can also use these excellent outdoor brick ovens for cooking all types of meats, vegetables, fish, bread, and even desserts. Gappsi produces an irresistible collection of durable Italian brick pizza ovens in Nassau & Suffolk County.

We use top-tier craftsmanship and the finest Italian clay bricks to construct our ovens. Our use of the Biscotto di Sorrento bricks, found only in a specific region of Campania on the Amalfi coast, makes these Gappsi brick ovens a cut above the rest. The clay used for the brick construction is mineral-rich. It absorbs the hat and disperses it uniformly, enabling the pizza to cook perfectly each time.

Here’s an overview of how Gappsi constructs its famous Italian brick ovens in Nassau & Suffolk County:

Gappsi’s Construction Method for Italian Brick Ovens

Here’s Gappsi’s construction process for its durable outdoor brick ovens made with Italian bricks:

The Construction of the Biscotto di Sorrento Bricks

The brick construction process starts when our artisans collect the clay and store it to dry. Then, we mix the clay until it becomes a consistent paste, which is molded into specific sizes. We stack the brick molds and let them dry naturally for several weeks. Then, we stack these bricks into a wood-burning fire chamber to cook them. These bricks are exposed to fire until they are ready to be used to construct the brick oven. We use these completed Biscotto di Sorrento bricks for our Gappsi brick oven floors and walls.

Italian Bread Made At The Gappsi Oven! (5)Basis Construction of the Oven

We start the brick oven construction process by building the metal frame base that works as the oven’s foundation. Our craftsmen insulate the concrete base’s underside to keep the oven’s bottom from overheating. We then install a wire mesh and pour the concrete. Then, our team assembles the brick oven floor by setting up the bricks and building the walls by putting the bricks in rows.

After assembling the first two rows, we remove the floor and fill the underside with volcanic sand and rock salt. This mixture acts as a subfloor to provide heat retention and insulation to the oven’s terracotta floor. Then, we install the Italian clay bricks on top of the volcanic sand mix. In some ovens, we drill a hole through the oven floor to fit gas burners inside.

Outdoor Brick Oven Walls & Door Frame

After building the base of outdoor brick pizza ovens in Nassau & Suffolk County, we erect the door frame. Out craftsmen cut the bricks to match the door shape. We install the first row of the Biscotto di Sorrento bricks vertically around the oven perimeter. We wedge the bricks together to minimize cement exposure on the inside of the oven. Upon the base wall completion, we install a top row of bricks to act as a bond beam. Then, we create the shape of the brick oven with a temporary volcanic sand dome. We use the wedged brick position to build the brick oven cupola.

Our craftsmen cover the brick dome exterior with a wire mesh and a reinforced layer of cement sand and clay pebbles. We do this to insulate the exterior crust of the oven.

Customization Based on Your Chosen Gappsi Brick Oven

We construct every Gappsi brick oven the same way up to a certain point. The interior is a symbol of impeccable craftsmanship, tradition, and beauty. It has remained unchanged for more than 300 years now. The exterior of all our Italian brick ovens in Nassau & Suffolk County features a large mantle made from volcanic black marble, which looks spectacular and offers heat resistance.

After the basic construction, we customize the Italian brick ovens based on your chosen finish and style. Gappsi brick ovens come in five incredible models – the Napolitano, the Vesuvio, the Sorrento, the Amalfi, and the Giotto. These models come in two sizes – inside diameter of 32inches and 44 inches. That said, we can customize your oven to any size you want and build it onsite.

Our Vesuvio ovens are built over the traditional oven shell. We build the dome for the smokestack over the metal frame and use a high-quality fiberglass blanket to insulate the oven domes. The Vesuvio ovens have a second frame with reinforced rebar and galvanized wireless to get a volcano-like shape. We also leave a cavity between the outside shell and the oven. Our craftsmen apply a layer of cement over the wireless dome. This air chamber serves two purposes – it offers insulation and ensures the exterior oven surface is cool and safe to touch.

For the Napolitano model, our craftsmen use different-sized river rocks for a unique look. The Sorrento model features random-sized natural stones and has brick accents. The Amalfi model features custom, hand-painted tiles. You can get a painting of your favorite picture with your loved ones and a name or message engraved into the oven’s metal door.

Construction of Outdoor Italian Brick Ovens by Gappsi IncWhat Makes Our Italian Brick Ovens Superior?

We construct Gappsi’s brick pizza ovens in Nassau & Suffolk County using a special clay. We get this clay from Sorrento, Italy, and mix it using a traditional mixer. This particular clay is rich in volcanic pumice and silicon. We place a wood mold on top of a platform and spread the clay in it by hand. It creates a spongy finished product, which allows the heat to spread evenly and slowly in the finished oven. Our clay bricks cannot be mass-produced since we pour them by hand for each new Italian outdoor brick oven.

The Bottom Line

If you wish to invest in Italian brick ovens in Nassau & Suffolk County, contact Gappsi Inc. today. We can craft a top-quality pizza oven for your backyard!

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