Backyard Makeover with Pool and Landscape in Commack NY

backyard-makeover-with-pool-and-landscape-in-commack-ny2Gappsi recently did a Complete Backyard Makeover with a pool and landscape along with synthetic turf, and fencing.  In today’s world, it seems everyone is looking for ways to spend more time outdoors. Whether for relaxation, entertainment, or simply enjoying the fresh air, we’re all looking to create our private oasis. One way to do this is by renovating your backyard. A backyard remodel can not only increase the value of your home but also provide you with your private retreat.

Concrete Wall Vinyl Liner Pool

We started the makeover in the backyard by installing a brand-new vinyl pool built with concrete walls. The process of constructing a Concrete Wall Vinyl Liner pool is unique and requires a more sophisticated pool builder to do it right. Upon the excavation of your swimming pool is completed, Gappsi assembles forms.  These forms make up the shape of your pool. The area inside the forms is lined with steel rebar and filled with concrete. When the concrete hardens the forms are removed and what’s left is the strongest and most durable vinyl liner pool construction available today. The best part about every Gappsi Concrete Wall Vinyl Liner pool is that all the walls, steps, sun decks, and benches are made from concrete. All of the benefits of owning a Concrete Wall Vinyl Liner pool are seen throughout the entire pool structure.

Gappsi does not use the industry standard white plastic steps with any Concrete Wall Vinyl Liner pool we build, you receive the unique look of vinyl-covered steps, sun decks, and benches.  This pool includes stadium stairs in the shallow area.

Today’s world includes almost unlimited choices. If you choose a concrete wall vinyl liner pool, then you will be getting the strongest, longest-lasting wall system ever designed for vinyl liner pools. The 10″ reinforced concrete wall is far superior to any wall system on the market.

  • Upgrades are our standard: brick coping & custom concrete liner-covered steps.
  • Other beautiful options include waterfalls, water features, LED color-changing lights, and pavers.

As you design your pool, you’ll be creating the pool that fits your lifestyle and harmonizes with your natural environment.

Pool Protection with Auto Covers

In our experience, having an automatic pool cover keeps the pool cleaner and the chemicals better balanced.

  1. Safety – is the number one priority of pool ownership, especially when you have small children and pets in your household.  Safety covers help prevent children, non-swimmers, and pets from accidentally drowning by acting as an isolation barrier.
  2. Protection from Debris – One of a pool cover’s main jobs is to keep debris out of the pool when it’s not in use. The last thing you want is to spend an hour skimming petals off your water when that blossom tree next to your pool finally blooms!  Covering your pool isn’t just about keeping petals, leaves, and bugs out of your swim space. It’s also about maintaining your pool’s filtration system.
  3. Energy Efficiency – Heating your pool can be a big expense. If you rely only on the pool heater to keep your water warm, you’re bound to see your electric bills skyrocket. Your pool cover can help with that.


Pool Safety with Aluminum Fencing

When considering adding a swimming pool to your backyard, safety is of the utmost concern. Pool fencing is your first line of defense for your swimming pool safety, helping to keep pets and kids safe when there is no adult supervision.  Our clients wanted a double safety feature; they installed aluminum fencing around the pool.

Ornamental Aluminum Fencing for Pool

Ornamental aluminum fencing is elegant in appearance and very durable. The aluminum used in these fences is coated with a type of dry powder bonded to the aluminum with heat. This type of fencing is sometimes confused with a wrought iron fence, which is very heavy, expensive, and time-consuming to maintain.

Aluminum fencing is perfect for use where privacy is not an issue and is great for landscaping where you don’t want to obstruct the view, such as a waterfront property.

Gappsi Natural Stone Collection – Patio Pavers and Pool Coping

We used G041 marble pavers selected from the Gappsi natural stone collection for the patio and pool coping. Marble tiles are heat resistant, anyone walking around the pool area will keep their feet cool and thus be less likely to injure themselves from the sun’s heat. This is an important consideration if you have children and the elderly living with you.

backyard-makeover-with-pool-and-landscape-in-commack-nyLandscape Design with Synthetic Turf

To complete our backyard makeover we built a retaining wall.  The clients chose a colonial wall in Gray Fire Pearl manufactured by Nicolock.  We completed the landscaping over the wall and installed a white PVC fence throughout the backyard. We installed all-new synthetic turf throughout the remaining yard.  It is a very special synthetic turf imported from Italy.  The turf is very realistic and exclusive to Gappsi. To view the different styles and textures we offer check out the Synthtic Turf page and visit our showroom in Smithtown.

Every corner of the backyard was renovated.  The backyard either has pavers or synthetic turf making it completely maintenance-free. The only thing the customer would have to add is flowers.

  • No need to cut the grass
  • No need to have lawnmowers come in the backyard unexpectedly while you are not home
  • Synthetic turf is great for the kids to play on
  • Does not get muddy
  • Pet friendly
  • Maintenance free

A backyard renovation is an investment worth making. Putting the time and money into designing your backyard will turn your outdoor space into one you’ll enjoy for years.  Renovating your outdoor space can add value not to mention quality of life to everyone in your home.


View Gappsi’s YouTube Channel for Videos of Backyard Makeovers with Pool and Landscape in Commack NY


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