Multi-Sports Game Court and Putting Green in Mount Sinai NY


Gappsi offers a Multi-Sports Game Court and Putting Green construction that can create more game options. Athletes of all levels want to train on superior court surfaces to improve their overall health, fitness levels, and game techniques in their chosen sport.

Constructing a multi-sport court provides the flexibility to enjoy a variety of sports and activities in one designated space. Whether it’s basketball, tennis, volleyball, or other sports, a well-designed multi-sport court offers convenience and versatility.

Things to Consider While Buiding a Multi Sport Court

Building a multi-sport court is not child’s play. It needs effort and investment. That’s why it’s important to consider the following factors while creating a multi-sport court.

  • The type of surface that will suit your needs (such as asphalt, concrete, or synthetic turf)
  • The desired size of the court (whether it will be regulation size or smaller)
  • The location of the court, such as in a home, park, school, or community center.
  • The project’s budget ensures that you are considering all the costs.

By taking into account these factors, you can ensure that your multi-sport court is safe, functional, and meets the needs of your community. Working with experienced professionals is also essential to ensure the completion of projects to high standards.

Backyard and Facility Multi-Sport Game Courts

At Gappsi, we have several solutions utilizing a variety of repair products to turn your old sports game court back into a state-of-the-art surface!  We built this multisport game court in Mount Sinai NY.  The Sports Game Court was built using Tiles by Mateflex installed over a recycled concrete base.  

Imagine being able to choose and play your favorite sports at home, participating in multiple sports at schools and colleges, or attracting more clients to your community facility. Gappsi offers a variety of sport game court options to choose from including resurfacing a regular single sports game court to a multi-sport game court.

One of the key strengths of sports court tiles is their adaptability. They can be installed over various base materials, including concrete and asphalt, making them an ideal choice for facilities that host multiple sports. This versatility extends to both indoor and outdoor settings, accommodating sports like basketball, tennis, volleyball, and more. The ability to quickly convert and adapt these spaces is particularly beneficial for multi-purpose sports complexes.

Sport Game Court Striping

This home sports game court is striped for basketball and pickleball.  We installed adjustable netting that can be raised to play badminton and volleyball too!  Court markings are essential for any game. Without the right lines, you won’t know where to start the game, where to resume, what some shots are worth, or even what would be considered out of bounds.


We’re here to help with your high-quality sports game court line marking needs! At Gappsi, we can tailor our custom multi-sports court marking services to meet any of your court needs.

We can paint lines for different sports using different colored line markings to avoid confusion when playing on a multi-sport court. We can create regulation-sized markings to ensure you have an authentic sporting experience. From NBA spec basketball court markings to ITF regulation lines for tennis court markings, we can paint anything and everything when it comes to sports game courts.

Whether you’re playing sports for fun or at a professional level, Gappsi can deliver quality and excellence like no other.

Dominator Basketball Hoops and Court Lighting

The Dominator Hoop is a professional-grade, in-ground basketball hoop perfect for your home driveway, backyard, playground, or more. Enhance your outdoor game with a Dominator Hoop.  Steel basketball hoops are a thing of the past. Get your aluminum heavy-duty hoop today. 

multi-sports-game-court-and-putting-green-in-mount-sinai1Elevate your game and include the Dominator LED Light. Designed for maximum visibility and durability, this LED light assembly ensures optimal performance.  We installed a double horn light to light up the entire court. for all-day gameplay!

Synthetic Turf and Putting Greens

Our team at Gappsi completed part of the yard with synthetic turf and installed a putting green. Artificial golf greens provide a carefree, ready-to-play surface that rivals the practice greens at your local course. A synthetic putting green can be designed to any level of difficulty you desire. Practice uphill and downhill lies or the quirky break of a long putt.

Your putting green installation could be as big as your imagination or as small as you want. We find that golfers are happy with putting greens as small as 250 square feet. An artificial turf putting green and artificial turf lawn can free your weekends to work more with your putting and less with lawnmowing.

Features You Want For Your Synthetic Turf Putting Green

  • Choose a natural, bent-grass surface
  • Durable surfaces that provide years of beauty and play
  • Pick the speed of your green with your design consultant
  • Great drainage for always-ready playability
  • No fuss, no watering, and no pesticides or fertilizer
  • Environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable
  • Expertly designed and installed by the in-house, Gappsi staff

Fire Pit Feature Area

In addition to the sports game court and putting green our team sectioned off one corner for a fire pit.  We built a gravel bed filled with pea gravel for decoration.  Pea gravel can be used for a fire pit area because it’s comfortable to walk on, inexpensive, and provides a stable base for seating. Pea gravel is a small, smooth rock that’s often found in river beds. It can be surrounded by layers of pea gravel to create a heat-resistant base.

This is the latest sports game court and putting green built in Mount Sinai NY. 


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