Nicolock Pool Patio & Coping Cleaning/Sealing, Patchogue NY 11772, by Gappsi

Nicolock Pool Patio & Coping Cleaning/Sealing, Patchogue NY 11772, by GappsiNicolock oyster ridge stone pavers being sealed in Patchogue NY 11772. The sealing process begins with pressure washing the entire patio, removing all dirt/debris from the stone surface and in between the joints. Next, Nexgel Techniseal synthetic sand is applied in between the pavers joints and vibrated with a mechanical plate compactor. The plate compactor has rubber rollers to prevent the stones from cracking or scratching. This vibrating process allows the sand to fall in between the joints and density. Then, we clean the pavers with brooms and landscape blowers, to clean the excess sand from the pavers surface and to evenly spread the sand in between the pavers joints. The next step is to wash the pavers by misting water to penetrate the synthetic sand into the pavers joints all the way down below the pavers. The sand and water activate a chemical reaction of the pollen that’s in the sand to cause the sand to harden. Finally, the application of the sealer, two parts components urethane dealer, specially formulated for Gappsi, is applied to the pavers surface and the sand joints to prevent stones from staining, extend their life cycle and further enhance their texture, color, and surface. Call Gappsi at 631-543-1177 for any cleaning, sealing, paver driveways/patio restoration and repairs in Patchogue 11772 NY.

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