Limestone pool patio and coping Installation G044


Limestone pool  patio and coping Installation G044We are in the process of installing the patio. We are using our newest addition to the natural stone line. The G044 is a blue and white limestone with beautiful color arrangements in it. it’s been laid out in a French pattern. We installed two fire and water  features, they are going to spill over into the pool after the pool is completed and running. The water fall is almost complete. Flower Beds are left here to put evergreens and create some privacy. This is where the kids are going to be diving into the pool. Once it is all completed. The slide is being installed. The pavilion is almost completed, we have to finish with the azek. The landscaping will be next, and it will be done in about two weeks. On the wall we used split face travertine veneers,  the outdoor kitchen will be built in this area. We will update you next when the project is totally complete.

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